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Explore the future of lighting at RGBs, where modern elegance intertwines with sustainability. Nestled in Barcelona's Fira area, our new showroom is a testament to bespoke LED solutions, showcasing not only our commitment to transforming spaces but also our dedication to a greener future.

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of RGBs as we unveil our latest technologies, on display for visitors seeking a fusion of style, sustainability, and cutting-edge innovation. Illuminate your unique project with us - where brilliance meets responsibility, and technology meets sophistication.

Within our showroom, discover a diverse array of product lines tailored for every project in your vision. Our IMMERSIF PRO series, incorporating the latest COB and FlipChip technology, caters to indoor applications, while the REBUD and GALAX series await outdoor endeavors. Let your creativity soar with the Surf & Surf Pro series, flexible tiles designed for bringing your imaginative ideas to life. Also elevate your projects with totem poles, impactful posters both for indoor and outdoor use, and many more.

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At RGBs, we are dedicated to maximizing the potential of screen owners and ensuring they harness the full benefits of their displays. Central to our philosophy is energy efficiency, achieved through the application of advanced COB and FlipChip technologies. This not only enhances reliability, reduces temperature, and improves contrast but also results in significant energy savings. Across all our product lines, we provide the option of the common cathode, further contributing to sustainability.

The display result is a crucial metric for evaluating a display, and at RGBs, we pursue the pure black representation to achieve a remarkable high contrast of 10000:1. Simultaneously, we craft a matte black surface to eliminate reflections that could distort the display of content.

Driven by a commitment to continuous innovation, RGBs meticulously refines every detail to offer consumers the best solutions, transforming every conceivable idea into reality. Join us on this enlightening journey at our new showroom, where the future of lighting unfolds in elegance, sustainability, and cutting-edge innovation.

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